Sew Social: Connect, Create, and Celebrate Together

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Welcome to Sew Social, the dedicated event booking platform for quilting and sewing enthusiasts. Designed to bring together clubs, classes, and individual crafters, Sew Social makes it easy to find, plan, and share events that stitch together creativity and friendship.

Whether you're a master quilter, a hobbyist sewer, or a curious beginner, Sew Social provides a space to explore your passion, learn new techniques, and meet fellow crafters. Our platform is built to cater to all levels of experience and interests within the fabric arts community.

Reach and Engagement We ensure that every event reaches a wide audience by actively promoting on our website and across all our social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, we leverage the Rocky Face Group, a vibrant local community with over 20,000 members, to engage local enthusiasts and boost attendance.

Join Sew Social today to connect with your local sewing circle, discover exciting events, and enrich your crafting journey!