Collection: Magna-Glide Delights

Magna-Glide Delights
Experience the distinction of our 40wt. trilobal polyester thread, masterfully wound on our signature magnetic-core bobbin, perfect for sewing, quilting, and embroidery. Our innovative patented magnetic-core design ensures uniform thread delivery, eliminating the need for frequent tension adjustments and making backlash springs a thing of the past. Magna-Glide Delights, crafted in harmony with our standout Glide color palette, guarantee impeccable thread consistency both above and below every stitch. At Fil-Tec, we prioritize quality, incorporating only the highest caliber, high-tenacity polyester yarns, and our cutting-edge EB cross-link technology ensures a smooth, lint-free operation. Thoughtfully packed in transparent, stackable jars, our threads effortlessly blend functionality with aesthetics, designed to both showcase the vibrant colors and fit seamlessly into any studio space.

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