Precision Screw Driver

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Introducing the Oh My Crafty Supplies' Comprehensive Craft Screwdriver Set, an indispensable ally for the seamless operation of your machinery. This professional-grade precision screwdriver set caters to your maintenance needs, from needle replacements to tension adjustments with bobbin cases.

The all-encompassing 9-in-1 set boasts eight unique screwdriver tips, ingeniously stored within a self-contained system, safeguarded by a secure screw cap. The cap not only protects these specialized tools but also serves as an H4 hex nut driver, emphasizing the set's multitasking capabilities. This versatile screwdriver set is a quintessential addition to each embroidery workstation.


Product name: Oh My Crafty Supplies Comprehensive Craft Screwdriver Set Material: Durable, high-quality metal with a self-storage system Secure screw cap that also functions as an H4 hex nut driver Convenient pen-style clip for easy portability The set includes 8 distinct screwdriver tips: 4 Flat (#'s: 3, 3.5, 2 & 1.5) 4 Phillips (#'s: 2, 1, 0, 00)


The screwdriver set is perfect for performing maintenance tasks on embroidery machines. It assists in accurate bobbin case tension setting. It simplifies the process of changing embroidery needles.

Your crafting endeavors deserve the best support. Choose the Comprehensive Craft Screwdriver Set by Oh My Crafty Supplies - because we understand the artist in you!