Bird Nest Removal Kit

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Oh My Crafty's bird nest removal kit is an essential tool to rescue your embroidery project from troublesome tangles! This comprehensive kit offers a range of professional-grade instruments designed to effortlessly resolve bird nesting issues that may occur during your stitching process.

Included in the Oh My Crafty's bird nest removal kit is a remarkable long-handled blade meticulously crafted to facilitate the separation of your embroidery and hooped fabric from the needle plate, making the removal of bird nests a breeze. Additionally, the kit features a shepherd's hook tool specially designed to effortlessly retrieve any lingering thread caught within the rotary hook area. To further enhance the precision of your bird nest elimination, a pair of ergonomically designed bent-tip tweezers is also provided. These tweezers prove invaluable in capturing any stubborn threads stuck in the bobbin case region. Moreover, the kit comes complete with an extra replacement blade to ensure continued usage and reliability.


  • Oh My Crafty's bird nest removal tool kit
  • Replacement blade
  • Shepherd's hook (8.5 inches)
  • Bent-tip tweezers (6 inches)
  • Stitch release blade (9.25 inches)
  • Storage case dimensions: 10.75 inches x 4.25 inches x 1 inch

Instructions for use:

  1. When confronted with a bird nest scenario where your hooped fabric is firmly attached to the needle plate, carefully lift the hooped fabric to expose the entangled thread mass, often referred to as a "bird nest," nestled within the needle plate hold.

  2. Grasping the handle of the stitch release tool, seamlessly slide the blade along the needle plate, ensuring its flat surface comes into direct contact with the tangled thread. Glide the blade gently back and forth until the thread is precisely severed, effectively freeing the hoop.

  3. Depending on your particular machine, the shepherd's hook can prove indispensable. Slide the hook beneath the needle plate cover, skillfully positioning its tip around the entwined thread. Employ a gentle pulling motion until the thread is liberated from its captive state.

  4. Employ the included bent-tip tweezers to extract any remaining visible threads that may have become ensnared in the rotary hook area. In severe bird nest situations, you may need to remove the needle plate cover for enhanced accessibility.

Oh My Crafty's bird nest removal kit empowers you with the tools and techniques necessary to conquer bird nest challenges with confidence and precision. Safeguard the integrity of your embroidery projects and enjoy uninterrupted creative endeavors by adding this kit to your repertoire of crafting essentials.