Ultra Solvy-7 7/8" X 8yd Roll

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Sulky Ultra Solvy stabilizer is the perfect temporary stabilizer and transfer agent that dissolves in water. Four times as firm, thick, heavy and strong as the Original Sulky Solvy. Use this extra heavy water soluble stabilizer as stitching support for computerized lace embroidery and decorative stitch sewing. Use as a design template or pattern guide. Extra bonus: It sticks to fabric when moistened. Packaged in a re-useable clamshell storage container to keep your stabilizer fresh and usable for years. All Sulky stabilizers are acid and lead free! Make your own, liquid brush-on stabilizer and save money over bottle brands!
Backing or Topping: Backing
Brand: Ultra Solvy
Color Name: Translucent
Permanent or Temporary: Temporary
Removal Method: Wash-Away
Width: 7 7/8"
Yardage: 8