Got the Blues Poly Sparkle™ 6-pack

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Poly Sparkle™ is a hard-wearing and sparkling thread that's twisted with a strand of Holoshimmer thread. The polyester component makes the thread hard-wearing and soft, while the Holoshimmer thread lets your project sparkle and shine. The result is a wonderful special effect thread that's perfect for machine embroidery, decorative stitching, quilting, embellishing costumes, dance and cheer uniforms, holiday projects and more. 

  • Brand: Poly Sparkle™
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • Fiber Content: Polyester & Metallic
  • Number of Items in Assortment: 6
  • Recommended Needle 1: 90/14 Topstitch
  • Recommended Needle 2: 90/14 Quilting
  • Spool or Cone: Spool
  • Thread Weight: 30 Wt.
  • Yardage: 290