Fuse 'N Stitch 24" X 25yd Bolt

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When you need more surface area buying by the bolt is your best bet! Sulky Fuse ‘n Stitch stabilizer is a permanent, firm, crisp, heavyweight, iron-on stabilizer that is ideal for projects that need extra stiffness and retained support. Provides a permanent fused stability to stitch on all medium to heavyweight fabrics for more professional looking results. Especially suitable for high-stitch count or high-stitch density embroidery designs. The precision dot coating will allow bubble-free adhering. Its grid-like structure folds a perfect edge. You can use as an iron-on permanent interfacing, too. All Sulky stabilizers are acid and lead free!
Backing or Topping: Backing
Brand: Fuse 'n Stitch
Color Name: White
Color Number: 25
Permanent or Temporary: Permanent
Removal Method: Cut-Away
Width: 24"
Yardage: 25