71797 Glide Thread No. 40 IMPERIAL RED

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Introducing Fil-Tec's Glide Thread, a premier choice for quilting and embroidery enthusiasts seeking to elevate their creative projects. Proudly Made in the USA, this high-quality 40-weight trilobal polyester thread sets a new standard in the craft world. With its unique trilobal construction, Glide Thread not only ensures superior strength and durability but also brings a radiant sheen to your work, enhancing its overall beauty.

  • Smooth and Consistent Stitching: Designed for a seamless experience, Glide Thread enables even and consistent stitching, reducing the risk of breakage or fraying.
  • Versatile Excellence: Perfect for crafting intricate quilt patterns or bringing vivid embroidery designs to life, this thread offers unparalleled adaptability.
  • Radiant Finish: The brilliant luster of Glide Thread makes every piece visually stunning, allowing your creations to truly stand out.
  • Snap Bottom Cones: Each cone features a snap bottom design for easy storage, keeping your thread secure and preventing it from unwinding.
  • Reliability You Can Trust: As a product of Fil-Tec's dedication to quality, Glide Thread meets the rigorous demands of both passionate hobbyists and professional artisans.

Elevate your quilting and embroidery with Fil-Tec's Glide Thread – where American-made excellence meets innovative design, ensuring that every stitch contributes to a masterpiece of brilliance and durability.