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Software Features

  • Make your own print-ondemand fabric.

  • Repeatable pattern tool

  • Unlimited colors

  • Drawing tools: Bezier, simple and free hand

  • Use True Type fonts installed on your computer

  • Wreath Maker Tool

  • Scatter and Reflection tools

  • Placement guides

  • 6 Handy alignment tools

  • Reshuffling tools

  • Group/Ungroup

  • Combine/Break apart

  • Load Backdrops

  • Preview window

  • Customizable Grid

  • Built-in color matrix

  • Select from 600+ built-in artwork images and shapes

  • Import Artwork

  • Import Bitmaps

  • Unlimited Undo and Redo

  • Print Embroidery Files onto fabric for a faux embroidery look

  • Upload the file to My Fabric Designs for immediate printing

Formats are:

Opens: C2S, C2F
Saves: C2F, BLK
Import Artwork: AI, EPS, EMF, WMF, DXF, PLT, SVG, and FCM
Import Bitmap: All major bitmap formats including: JPG, BMP, TIF
Export: PNG

Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 7, 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor, 1G HardDrive Space, 2 Gigabyte RAM, CD or DVD Optical Drive, 800 x 600 Display, Mouse and Internet Access. Runs on a PC only


Embroidery Tool Shed


Design your own custom fabric!

You don't have to be an artist to design your own fabric. My Fabric Designer is a program that combines artwork editing, fabric design and quilting features in one package. Use one or use them all! And, it doesn't stop there - with a click of the button you can order your own print on demand fabric to be delivered right to your doorstep!

4 Different Canvas Settings to Fit Your Design Style!

1. Pattern: Create a custom repeatable pattern. With a click of the button MFD will repeat the pattern, creating a seamless canvas!

2. Quilt: Design your own whole-cloth quilt. Select your favorite quilt blocks from the built-in library or import your own. You can also specify sashing and borders! Choose your favorite colors and add patterns–your imagination is the only limit.

3. Cloth: Specify the dimensions of the fabric and work within those boundaries to design your fabric. Photos are a great personal touch!

4. Free: The canvas is unlimited in size to give you the biggest workspace. Picture this setting as an infinitely sized bulletin board to plan and experiment with your design ideas.