Hemingworth Essentials - Deeper Set


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Introducing DEEPER, Expansion Set 2 in the HEMINGWORTH ESSENTIALS thread collection!



DEEPER, the second expansion box in the Hemingworth Essentials Collection, does exactly what its name says. It makes your collection of Hemingworth colors deeper and broader. Olive-greens, deep magentas and dark plums are featured. Bright, fun pinks and oranges, refined blues, two pastels and an additional assortment of cool grays and warm browns are also included. DEEPER will expand your Hemingworth color palette without any duplicates from the first two Essentials boxes.

Spools come in a plastic-coated, white cardboard box with a magnetic closure clip. Spools sit in individual molded compartments for easy access. The inside cover has a color picture of each thread spool, indicating which space to store the spool. The box is ideal for permanent storage. Each Hemingworth thread spool comes with the spool, cap and stopper system and contains 1000 meters of 40 wt, polyselect, high-sheen embroidery thread.


Hemingworth thread is 100% colorfast, soft and supple, with superb stitching results. This amazing thread is known for its durability and strength as well as its brilliant luster. It is suitable for home and commercial embroidery machines, sewing machines and quilting machines. Hemingworth thread is ideal for digitized embroidery designs and built-in decorative machine stitches.


Collect all three boxes!

The Hemingworth ESSENTIALS collection includes three boxes of beautiful embroidery thread. Each box contains 32 different spool colors of 1000 meter, 40 wt, high-luster Hemingworth embroidery thread. This collection of colors is designed to give you a 32-spool starter set of the most common colors, and two additional 32-spool sets to expand and broaden your basic colors into subtle and rich new hues and shades. Each ESSENTIALS box provides a wide spectrum of colors with variations of reds, yellows, greens, blues, orange, violets and neutrals and can stand alone. Together, the three box collection will give you a broad selection of colors that will meet all your color needs!

*Thread colors in the Hemingworth ESSENTIALS collection are not duplicated in the other two ESSENTIALS boxes. Each box contains 32 unique spool colors. Collect all three for a well-rounded color palette!  

*Additionally, The SEASONS and ESSENTIALS collections are also designed to avoid overlapping colors, except for the most basic colors. Embroiderers can collect all 7 boxes from these two collections and have over 215 unique Hemingworth colors!