Gunold's PuffyFont™ Lettering Software

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Now anyone can stitch Puffy Foam® lettering. This unique software includes 13 popular font styles (Arial now in upper and lower case) along with Wingdings consisting of 38 additional characters specifically digitized for embroidery using Puffy Foam® and 40 weight thread. It's versatile and easy to use. See documents for a complete listing of fonts and characters.  * Includes one of Gunold's Puffy Foam® Assortment packs (all 14 foam colors in 3 mm). Click here to view fonts.


Country of Origin: USA

Manufacturer : Gunold

Number of Fonts : 13+

Number of Items : 2

Supported Format: SWF SST, Tajima DSZ, Tajima DSB, Zsk ZSK, Toyota 10o, Tajima DST, Gunold GUN, Barudan DAT, Juki M3, Happy TAP, Barudan UXY, KSM KSM, Melco/Bernina EXP

System Requirements : Windows7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Vista, P3 300Mhz, 100MB hard drive space, 128MB RAM, DVD Drive, 800 x 600 display, Mouse, Internet Access

Thickness : 3MM

Brand: Software