Deep Teal – 0074 (Floriani)

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Experience the unmatched quality and vibrant beauty of Floriani Embroidery Thread Spools. Perfect for a wide range of embroidery projects, these premium spools offer both durability and versatility. Each spool contains 1000 meters of 40-weight thread, ensuring you have ample thread for even the most intricate designs.

Key Features:

Superior Strength and Quality: Made with a unique process that combines strength and smoothness, reducing fraying and breaking.
Brilliant Color Range: Available in a wide array of rich and vibrant colors to bring your embroidery designs to life.
Consistent Tension: Enjoy a smooth stitching experience with consistent tension, ideal for both machine and hand embroidery.
40 Weight Versatility: The perfect weight for a variety of fabrics and embroidery types, from delicate to dense designs.
1000m Length: Generous spool size reduces the need for frequent changes, allowing for uninterrupted creativity.
Compatibility: Suitable for all types of embroidery machines and easily adaptable for hand stitching projects.
Whether you’re a professional embroiderer or a hobbyist, Floriani’s 1000m, 40-weight embroidery thread spools are the ideal choice for achieving stunning and long-lasting results. Elevate your embroidery with Floriani – where quality and creativity meet.