61462 - Light Beige Polyester Embroidery Thread - 40 WT. 1,100 yd. Cones

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Gunold's POLY™ Cones are made from 100% European polyester. This polyester embroidery thread is used specifically on high-speed embroidery and monogramming machines. POLY™ has a silky sheen and is very pliable. It will withstand chlorine bleaching, harsh industrial laundering and subjection to extreme weather conditions such as strong sun and salt water.  

Remember: Lower quality embroidery threads result in frequent thread breaks and lint accumulation. When this occurs this can lead to increased production costs - slowing down your production line,  wasting thread and higher machine maintenance expenses.


Color Name: Lt. Beige

Color Number: 1462

Cone Type : Mini King

Country of Origin: Germany

Fiber Content : Polyester

Needle Recommendation #1 : 75/11

Needle Recommendation #2 : 80/12

Solid, Ombre or Multi-Colored : Solid

Thread Weight : 40

Yardage: 1,100

Brand: Poly 40 Wt. 1,100