Thread of the Month (GLIDE)

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Collection includes 10 1000m spools with case or without case.

Welcome to the Glide Thread of The Month Club! Dive into a world of vibrant colors and exceptional quality threads, specially curated for enthusiasts like you. Each month, we unveil a new, exclusive kit featuring the most exquisite threads from our Glide collection. It's an invitation to explore and inspire your next masterpiece, whether it's quilting, embroidery, or any thread art that speaks to you.

What sets us apart? Flexibility. There are no commitments or subscriptions here. Simply take a peek at this month's selection and decide if it captures your imagination. If it does, it's yours to cherish. If not, no worries—wait to see what wonders the next month brings. Our aim? To offer you the joy of choice and the thrill of anticipation, one thread at a time.

Join us on this colorful journey, thread by thread, with the Glide Thread of The Month Club. Your next project awaits.