GripMat (30 Day Lead)

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Enhance your hooping process with the GripMat!

Crafted from silicone, the GripMat offers a non-slip surface that significantly simplifies the hooping process. It's specifically designed to quickly identify the center for any hoop size or brand, streamlining your embroidery setup.

How to use the GripMat:

  1. Position the GripMat on a stable, flat surface.
  2. Align the hoop's outer ring with the mat's printed grid.
  3. Place your fabric and stabilizer over the hoop.
  4. Insert the hoop's inner ring, securing the fabric and stabilizer in place.

Features of the GripMat:

  • Composed of high-quality, 100% silicone for durability and effective grip.
  • Overall dimensions: 15.75 inches by 23.5 inches, accommodating a wide range of hoop sizes.
  • Reminder: The GripMat is not intended for use as a pressing or cutting surface.

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