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AlbaChem® Spot Lifter II is a powerful powdered spot lifter. It sprays on as a liquid and dries to a white powder. The white powder absorbs oil and grease and is then brushed away. Removes grease, oil, food, dirt, tar, graphite and more.


  • AlbaChem® Spot Lifter II

  • Removes oil spots

  • 17 oz. spray can

How to use:
Shake can well before using. Hold can upright about 8” to 10” from surface and spray the soiled area. Allow powder to dry thoroughly until white powder forms. Brush, shake or blow off powder. Re-apply for difficult stains. Do not treat while wearing. Always test all spot removers on a hidden area before using.

Powder Type Spot Remover - An ideal powder style product which removes machine oil, grease, dirt, and tar from fabrics