Gunold's MicroFonts™ Lettering Software


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The first ever, fully-digitized, commercial, micro-lettering system. Easily create clean, crisp embroidery lettering as small as 3mm! Your creativity will never again be limited by the size of your letter. Get twelve popular fonts already digitized and ready to go with this software package.


Available in Kit : Yes

Country of Origin: USA

Manufacturer : Gunold

Number of Fonts : 12

Supported Format: Tajima DSB, KSM KSM, Juki M3, Tajima DSZ, Toyota 10o, Zsk ZSK, Melco/Bernina EXP, Tajima DST, SWF SST, Barudan UXY, Gunold GUN, Happy TAP, Barudan DAT

System Requirements : Windows7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Vista, P3 300Mhz, 100MB hard drive space, 128MB RAM, DVD Drive, 800 x 600 display, Mouse, Internet Access

Brand: Software